Email Marketing

We keep you connected with your customers by creating delicious emails, from news to special offers.

  • Email Design - responsive and mobile
  • Solutions for Managing Unsubscribes and Bounces
  • Tracking - Track every open, click, bounce, conversion, and website lead.
  • Email Audit - Review the process and technical details to get into the Inbox (Content, Headers, SPF, DKIM, DMARC Authentication, opt-in, etc...)

Intelliclick + CRM - a Winning Combination

IntelliClick for Goldmine CRMUse Intelliclick to send your email campaigns. Enjoy all the features you expect from an email marketing system including open, click and unsubscribe tracking. Included is a generous gallery of HTML email templates, a powerful online editor and effective email delivery services. Message and landing page branding is entirely exclusive to your organization. Intelliclick replaces systems like Constant Contact, Swiftpage, Mailchimp, Vertical Response, etc... - and Intelliclick does so much more! If you are using Goldmine for your CRM system, then Intelliclick is a must.

Intelliclick is a "plug-in" for your CRM system with full features including automatically updating contact records with events including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and literature fullfillment. With most other email systems, managing bounces and unsubscribes is difficult (if that feature exists at all). Go beyond the basics with IntelliClick's interactive capabilities that start a "real time" dialogue with your target audience. Alerts, special "one click" call to action links and analytics allow your organization to be laser focused on the best opportunities at the most opportune time. Use our "top leads" metrics to identify who is ready to buy and when.

Connect with Your Customers and Build Relationships

Web Designs

Naper Solutions, Inc. is a boutique marketing agency with a data-driven approach. Our primary focus is on understanding your business, brand, and customers, to develop marketing strategies that convert. We specialize in web design, analytics, search engine optimization, brand development, advanced programming, and technical expertise.

Naper Solutions is a full service marketing firm that aims to plan, manage, execute, maintain and evaluate marketing efforts.