Remote Tech Support

Need an IT person to help you fix something or get it to work? Let us help you identify the true source of a problem and fix it quickly. No matter where you are, there is virtual help a quick click and call away!

Get to know and trust us - we are not a bank of random IT support techs.

Diagnose and Fix Issues related to:

  • Applications that are "broken"
  • Dropping or Slow Internet Connections
  • Windows Updates Related Issues
  • Not being able to connect to printer or print
  • MS Office
  • Protected View Issues
  • Plugins that won't stay loaded
  • And much more

How Does Remote Support Work?

Remote technical support is provided by "Screen Sharing". For one-time support, we will send you a link with a code (you will be prompted to download a file and run it).

For ongoing support, permanent access to a PC or Server (until you revoke it) can be helpful when work needs to be done during off hours and for more frequent assistance.

If you are using Remote Desktop, we provide support to terminal server users by shadowing their sessions.

Solve your IT headaches.

Web Designs

Naper Solutions, Inc. is a boutique marketing agency with a data-driven approach. Our primary focus is on understanding your business, brand, and customers, to develop marketing strategies that convert. We specialize in web design, analytics, search engine optimization, brand development, advanced programming, and technical expertise.

Naper Solutions is a full service marketing firm that aims to plan, manage, execute, maintain and evaluate marketing efforts.