Email Recommendations

Google Workspace

We recommend either gmail (if you are looking to do things on the cheap and don't mind living without a few features and don't mind ads) or business class email with Google Workspace. If you do not want to pay for a Workspace account, configure gmail to send and receive email managed by your hosting provider as an "additional account" to send and receive mail as Gmail/Workspace so nicely separates email into tabs (personal, social, updates) and the spam and virus filters are second-to-none. Rackspace does a decent job, but email like malware and phishing that shows up in just about ANY other provider, rarely gets through on Gmail/Workspace. To take advantage of all that Workspace has to offer, use gmail as your email client.

Keep in mind, a hosting provider does not need to be your mail provider. Mail can be "managed by"/"routed to" another provider.

-updated 09/2021