Software Development

From supporting legacy systems to creating something new and fresh, our programming talent is here to help you accomplish the most challenging of assignments.

  • C# Applications - plus integration with APIs and SQL Server
  • Custom Payment API for recurring software subscriptions. Included C++ code to make encrypted call to the API to verify software subscription of desktop application.
  • Utilize Google APIs to set GPS Coordinates for an address, set county, and determine the fair wage / minimum wage for any geographic location in the US.
  • Implement an Address Normalization and Verification API to provide address suggestions and consistency compliant with USPS on an internal invoicing system.
  • Support of Classic ASP Systems (some with Crystal Reports). Migration of Classic ASP to PHP.
  • Customer Portals and Employee Portals - admin interfaces, user roles, forget a password feature, and user reports that show who logged in, how often and what they did. Automated Brochure and Technical Spec Sheets.
  • Azure Authentication/SSO and also Active Directory Sync integration with legacy systems, websites, and intranets.
  • Dynamically Generate Catalogs, Invoices - viewable online, emailed and/or printable PDFs.
  • Porting Databases From Old to New Systems.
  • Mobile Application Development - iOS.
  • Database Evaluation, Analysis and Cleanup.
  • Embedded User Interfaces and Websites for Your Hardware Device.

SQL Server

  • Stored Procedures
  • Database Views
  • Database Reduction
  • DB Maintenance Plans and Backups
  • Database Migration
  • SQL Server Upgrades
  • Setup of Email Notification on Failed SQL Jobs

Website, E-Commerce, & CRM Programming

  • Ecommerce enhancements, product feeds to Amazon and Google Shopping, custom plug-ins, porting databases from one storefront backend to another, chat installation, lead tracking/conversions and analytics, bug fixes – includes Magento, ASPDNSF, OpenCart, and Wordpress.
  • Migrating Websites to Mobile and Responsive Designs
  • Mobile and Responsive Email Templates
  • Adding your contact information to manufacture PDF specs and installation guides
  • Dynamic Contact Forms - like those that change depending on previously selected options and validate the form as they are being filled out.
  • Integrations to CRM Systems - Goldmine - includes web imports to the CRM, email campaign integration including automated bounce and unsubscribe management, custom payment pages, automated processes, database cleanup, database backup management, marketing support, and other admin functions
  • Custom Payment Pages (Authorizenet, PayPal, Moneris, Stripe, Worldpay, and many others)
  • Custom Programming – PHP, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, Classic ASP, ASP.NET
  • Google Ads Scripts (budget management and monitoring, automation, etc...)

Technical Support

Need an IT person to help you fix something or get it to work? Let our IT support experts help you identify the true source of a problem and fix it quickly. No matter where you are, there is virtual help a quick click and call away!

Get to know and trust us - we are not a bank of random IT support techs.