Web Analytics

When most people hear the phrase “Web Analytics”, they’re probably thinking about numbers, pie charts, and graphs. While those tools are helpful, the core of Web Analytics at Naper Solutions is the in-depth understanding of your customers.Analytics Meeting

Their thought process as they move across the pages of your site and the impact of your design are what we consider to be the focal points of analysis. Without knowing how your customers think, feel, and react, the analytics numbers are just that – numbers.

At Naper Solutions, we ask some critical questions before designing a site that is simply “pretty”:

  • What are your most popular pages and how do users interact with them?
  • Are there any pages on your site that create a bottleneck (bounce) in the user experience?
  • How can the successful funnels of your site be leveraged in a more useful way?
  • Which pages have the most potential to contribute to the user's experience?
  • How does your design impact the feeling of users as they navigate your site?

These are just a few of the many questions we’ll address when looking at your site’s data. As your customers’ attitudes and beliefs are always changing, we’ll create an optimization plan to prepare and react accordingly.

How can analytics uncover hidden opportunities for your business?

Web Designs

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