Marketing Strategies

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Today’s Buyers are in Control

Prospects are self-elevating and come to you for answers or to solve pain. A website is a "consultative salesman", or a relationship building tool. Today's buyers are in control. Your website needs to be about them, not you.

Analytics – Track Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing without analytics is like investing without monitoring performance. Everyone wants to know if their investments are profitable or not. If they’re not, it’s usually time for a change.

There is no reason to spend marketing dollars without tracking how it affects profitability. Follow a keyword from search to sale. If it doesn't make it to your goal, identify why.

Keyword research, analyzing website statistics, understanding word relationships, and how people search is a critical step to understanding what marketing activity, search medium, page content, and keywords are "converting".

Research Your Keywords

The age old concept of "Content is King" still holds true. Deliver content relevant to a search and you will get prospects to stick, cement a relationship, and make the sale. Offer multiple opportunities for prospects to “raise their hand” as a business lead. Make it easy for buyers to purchase.