Website Design and Development

Mobile and Responsive Website Design

Our design team is passionate about creating easy-to-use websites that both search engines AND people love. Every page on your website is a road to your business. The goal is not to just get people there, but to make them stick. If people love your site, then search engines will too.

Is your website mobile and responsive? With a responsive website, pages are designed to automatically adjust for any screen resolution or device. Open your website on a phone and click around, you should not need to zoom-in. Click on a phone number and make a call. If phone numbers are not clickable, this is one tell-tale sign it's not mobile friendly.

Why bother being mobile and responsive? First, the customer experience is enhanced (no scrolling or resizing needed). Second, for best-practice SEO, Google requires a mobile-responsive design. Search engines find favor with sites that deliver good customer experiences. Caring about customers and what search engines think will effect your conversion rates - get more leads and more sales.

Responsive Design: Uses the same HTML for one URL/webpage and uses CSS (style sheets) to determine how the content is displayed. This is Google's recommended method. 1 website fits on all devices.

Need something more advanced? Our custom programming talent runs deep. Everything is possible, just ask. Check out the list of custom programming projects we are actively supporting.

eCommerce Stores

Selling online isn't easy, but don't worry. We'll leverage the latest technologies and create the perfect ecommerce solution for you. From a single product to a huge megastore selling site, give customers a memorable buying experience, without breaking the wallet. Platforms for which we have extensive programming experience and most often recommend include Aspdotnetstorefront (ASPDNSF), Magento, Open Cart, Volusion, and sometimes a simple Wordpress plugin.

Single Page Invoicing Payment and Custom Payment Pages

Sometimes you just don't need a full-blown shopping cart system. Need a single page where customers can pay their bills online? We've done that and can get a single payment page that connects with any payment gateway. Most payment gateways we recommend include Authorizenet and the various Paypal Offerings (particularly the version where customers can make a payment and not know it's being processed by PayPal).